Smart card for yachting professionals

Seazone Yacht Club Smart Card is more than just a business card. It’s your first impression on business meetings and encounters with industry professionals.

Modern, Smart and Elegant.

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Yacht Club card — Seazone Yacht Club card — Seazone Yacht Club card — Seazone Yacht Club card — Seazone

Welcome to Seazone Yacht Club

Selected group of yachting professionals are leading the way to the future of the industry. Quality Captains and Business owners will be able to communicate and gain mutual benefits, discounts and perks only for the Seazone Yacht Club Members. But more than that, it’s a community.

Management Team, Crew, Suppliers and Service providers

Yacht Club card — Seazone Yacht Club card — Seazone Yacht Club card — Seazone

Yachting Professional Membership

Tap the card and share your contact information with your peers. No more old and crumpled business cards. You are better than that. Build the Seazone Yacht Club community with us. Join our waiting list right now and get a free membership card.

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NFC Technology

The new way of making business. Contact sharing, Instant access to your profile. Contactless communication technology replaces the need to have dozens and dozens of old business cards.

Step 1
Create a profile on Seazone as Captain, Manager, Owner or Yacht Service provider.
You can add contacts, services, address and all relevant information
Step 2
Leave the email linked with your profile on the Seazone Yacht Club Waiting List.
We will contact you shortly with the details for sending the card
Step 3
Get your Seazone Yacht Club Card.
Tap, Share & Go. No app required.
Your business profile will pop up on screen, and can be easily saved.

In one easy motion let people
know who you are, and what you do.

Become part of the Seazone Yacht Club community.
Join the future of Yachting.
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Limited offer

Early risers get rewarded. Maximize your full potential and join Seazone Yacht Club Members for free and as a gift Seazone Yacht Club Card Membership. Or wait and purchase a Yacht Club Card for 50$ with our website later.